Inside Zuckerberg's Plan to create Disease free World

Few days back Facebook�s Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan made a Big Bang announcement through their Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. In the full of Global elites, the couple announced to inject $ 3 Billion towards the prevention of diseases and various Research. As per the announcement the amount will be spent over the next decade with $ 600 Million being injected towards the development of new research facility named Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in San Francisco. It is not unusual for Deep Pocket Tech elites to make various philanthropic announcements, Bill gates is the most famous example. But what separates this from anything else before it is the sheer scale and urgency of achievement. It can rightly be understood from these words displayed on the massive projector screen behind the Facebook Boss, �Can we cure all diseases in our children�s lifetime?�

Facebook has surely grown from its humble beginning in a dorm room and metamorphosed into this global tech giant. But even to its standard, this announcement was Big time moonshot and has made the global community of healthcare and research to sit up and take notice.

Some Key focus areas of this goal are:
1. Bringing the best of scientist and engineers together - Collaboration is the key 2. Building most advanced and sophisticated tools required to achieve the goal 3. Keep growing the movement and fund more similar projects in future

The surprise Introduction of the evening was definitely Former CEO of Microsoft and the world renowned philanthropist Bill Gates. Mr. Gates also seconded Mark Zuckerberg�s frustration about the lack of vaccines during the ebola epidemic. He said, �I think all of us will be proud to say that we were here on the day that Mark and Priscilla started this journey.�

P.s: we at NATURE'S 5 definitely feel that the global super rich can do so much more to make this world a better place and this step from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is definitely in the right direction. We wish them Luck.

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