5 Summertime Tips for Healthy Ears

Everyone has heard of swimmer's ear -- but there are other 'ears' you don't want this summer, such as 'music-lover's ear' and 'unpressurized ear.' 


Take breaks if you must listen to music through earbuds. 'An iPod at 60 is safe for an hour a day,' he says.Check out noise-reducing headphones. That way, you don't have to crank up the music volume to cancel out party noise or beach shouts.Don't stand or sit right next to a speaker at a party or concert.Parents should note: Do not let your child fall asleep with earbuds in. Make sure their devices are set at 60 or lower.

Pierce Only in the Lobe

Take care of newly pierced ears as instructed. Wash your hands before handling the area. Then soak a cotton ball in alcohol and smoosh it around over the earring and post several times a day. If the lobe starts to get hot or itchy (hours or days after the piercing), you may have an infection. If this cannot be stopped with antibiotic cream, you may need to let the hole close.

Post Date : Mar-2016
Dr. Sagar Gaurkar

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