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Lower Sperm Count and its Causes

Decreasing sperm count is a worrying trend that is affecting a lot of people in urban towns. Work pressure, stress and unhealthy lifestyle are a major contributor to lower sperm count. Decrease in sperm count makes it difficult, though not impossible, to fertilize partner’s egg. For those few who are not interested in having kids, this article is still important as lower sperm count is also linked to infertility, testicular cancer, prostate cancer and cardiovascular problems later in life.

Some major causes of lower sperm count are:

⦁ HeatPerhaps you have heard multiple times to avoid keeping laptop directly on your lap. It’s because the heat from the device affects the pelvic area and can seriously mess with sperm production. This is also the reason why you should avoid saunas, steam baths etc. Individuals should also avoid wearing tight underwear or athletic shorts for long.  ⦁ SmokingCigarette smoking is injurious to health is a statutory warning we’ve heard and read for umpteen times. But if damaged lungs do not scare you enough, you should know that cigarette smoking also affects your sperm count and sexual drive in general. ⦁ Use of LubricantsWhile many a commercials promote various lubricants for enhanced sexual drive, it should also be known that same product can actually hurt your sperms’ ability to move freely. So it is highly recommended that instead of artificial products, rely more on natural lubricants. ⦁ Cell phonesIf you are one of those who put your mobile in pocket and not in bag, you might have to re-think. Research says men who practice this are prone to have 11% fewer sperm count than those who stored their phone in other places.  

Post Date : Mar-2016
Dr. Kundan Verma

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